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In British Railways Service.

  • At Brighton, 1948
    Photo 74. This photograph of a pristine 34081 was taken at Brighton, probably during the autumn of 1948. The head code refers to three possible workings to Brighton:
    1. Old Kent Road Spur and Brighton via Mitcham Junc, Horsham and Steyning - unlikely
    2. London Bridge or Bricklayers' Arms and Brighton via Redhill - possible
    3. Oxted and Brighton via East Grinstead (LL) and Lewes - probable
    It is a pity the diagram number is partially obscured on the lower disc as that would be another clue; it would appear to be either 10 or 70. Brighton locos did running-in turns via what is now the Bluebell Railway so hence it's quite likely it's Nº3, but of course it's possible she had gone up to London for a spin prior to being sent to Ramsgate. Another possibility is that she was already a Ramsgate loco but had worked down to Brighton for attention. Maybe we'll never know for sure.
    One suggestion that would suggest it was option one is that there was a newspaper train every early morning from London Bridge to Brighton via the route described above which was always rostered for an original light pacific.
    Photographer not known.
  • At Ashford? 1948
    Photo 1. This photograph of 34081 is thought to have been taken at Ashford, possibly during 1948. Note the gap in centre yellow line which was for the crest, but it was never affixed before being repainted in April 1950.
    Photographer not known.
  • At Southampton, 1948?
    Photo 2. 34081 at Southampton Central, possibly during 1948.
    Photographer not known.
  • At Ashford West Jct, 1948
    Photo 4. 34081 was photographed at Ashford West Junction with a Margate to London service during 1948.
    Photograph by Derek Cross.
  • Chiselhurst Tunnel 15 Mar '49
    Photo 54. On 15th March 1949 N:34081 emerges from Chislehurst Tunnel with a Charing Cross to Dover.
    Photograph by by The Rev. Arthur Cawston courtesy of John Whiteley.
  • At Petts Wood Jct, July 1949
    Photo 50. Details of this photograph are uncertain though it would seem to be a Victoria or Holborn to Folkestone or Dover working that was photographed at Petts Wood Junction during July 1949.
    Photographer unknown, copyright SV Blencowe, K. Wilkins collection.
  • At Petts Wood, c1949
    Photo 52. Another photograph of 92 Squadron at Petts Wood Junction, circa 1949. The headsignals and the on the smokebox suggest a Dover to Victoria boat train.
    Photographer unknown, copyright K. Wilkins collection.
  • Bromley South, c1949
    Photo 65. 34081 and train at Bromley South. Date not known but from the engine's condition circa 1949.
    Photograph: Transport Treasury, from the Harland and Flint collection.
  • Where? 1950?
    Photo 80. 34081 at an unknown location, possibly Hither Green or Ashford? During 1950?
    Clues are the Terrier - possibly Boxhill or maybe the Brighton Works shunter - and the Duke of Sutherland's 0-4-4T Dunrobin behind the loco. The steps up to '81's cab would indicate an open day or exhibition of some kind. Dunrobin came down from Scotland in 1950 to be exhibited at New Romney on the RHDR and as 1950 was the year 34081 went into BR green - she looks pretty clean in this photo - we'd suggest that's the year the photo was taken. $64,000 question is, where?
    Photographer not known.
  • At Brighton, 1950
    Photo 3. 34081 at Brighton during 1950. This may well have been the locomotive's first steaming after having been painted in BR Brunswick Green.
    Photograph by Tony Edsor.
  • Folkestone Jct, 3 Aug 1952
    Photo 103. 92 Squadron crossing the Dover Road shortly after leaving Folkestone Junction for Folkestone Central on 3rd August 1952.
    Photographer not known.
  • Paddock Wood, 15 May '54
    Photo 101. 34081 on the up Man of Kent near Paddock Wood on May 15th 1954.
    Photograph: Kevin Wilkins collection.
  • Hither Green, Sept 1955
    Photo 5. 34081 heads the Man of Kent through Hither Green in September 1955.
    Photograph by A J Wills.
  • Stewarts Lane, 18 May 1956
    Photo 6. 34081 propelling a rake of carriages through the washer at Stewarts Lane on 18 May 1956. Although designed to go through carriage washers, there is no evidence that a Bulleid Pacific actually did.
    Photograph by Chris Gammell.
  • Victoria, 1956
    Photo 7. 34081 leaving Victoria during the summer of 1956, taken from inside Victoria Central Signalbox.
    Photograph by Mike Morant.
  • Grove Park, 1950-57?
    Photo 84. 34081 at Grove Park working the 11:15 Charing Cross - Ramsgate (sadly no date but between April 1950 and transfer to Exmouth Junction in 1957).
    Photograph courtesy of the National Railway Museum / Science & Society Picture Library.
  • Dover Docks, 1950-57?
    Photo 113. 34081 departing Dover Western Docks on duty 430 (sadly no date but between April 1950 and transfer to Exmouth Junction in 1957).
    Photograph by Neville Stead and courtesy of the Transport Treasury.
  • Hither Green, February 1957
    Photo 8. 34081 working a passenger train through Hither Green in February 1957.
    Photograph by A J Wills.
  • At Dover
    Photo 36. 34081 at Dover, date unknown.
    Photograph by Norman Preedy.
  • Hildenborough, 1957
    Photo 83. 34081 at Hildenborouh, sometime during 1957. The head code indicates a Dover/Folkestone to London Bridge working.
    Photograph by Norman Simmons.
  • Waterloo East, 23 May 1957
    Photo 95. 34081 at Waterloo (Eastern Section) on 23rd May 1957.
    Photograph by A.E. Bennett/Transport Treasury.
  • Shortlands Jct, 27 July 1957
    Photo 62. 34081 passes Shortlands Junction at the head of a fine rake of Gresley teak s tock forming the 12:23 Margate - Leicester on 27th July 1957.
    Photograph by R C Riley.
  • Waterloo East, 1 Aug 1957
    Photo 9. 34081 heads the Man of Kent through Waterloo East on 1st August 1957.
    Photograph by D Cullum (via BC Woods Collection.
  • At Ashford, 1958
    Photo 48. 34081 photographed at Ashford sometime during 1958.
    Photographer not known.
  • Sutton Bingham, 16 July '58
    Photo 42. 334081 photographed at Sutton Bingham with the 6.15 from Plymouth to Salisbury on 16th July 1958.
    Photograph by H.C. Casserley, reproduced with permission from R.M. Casserley.
  • At Bideford
    Photo 33. 34081 photographed at Bideford, date unknown though presumably between October 1957 (date the loco arrived at Exmouth Junction from Ramsgate) and May 1959 (when the loco was in for a General Repair and at the same time the tender was rebuilt). The tender-first working is from Barnstaple to Torrington from where the loco would return with the 12:45pm goods for Exmouth Junction.
    If you can help with the photographer please advise the Webmaster.
    Photographer not known.
  • Tower Hill, 25 July 1958
    Photo 10. 34081 captured at Tower Hill with the 9:35am Padstow to Waterloo service on 25th July 1958.
    Photographer not known.
  • Wadebridge, 19 August 1958
    Photo 96. 34081 approaching Wadebridge with the "Atlantic Coast Express" on 19th August 1958. The siding at the bottom right leads into the Wadebridge Goods Shed, haunt of the well-loved Beattie Well Tanks.
    Photograph by A.E. Bennett/Transport Treasury.
  • Plymouth Friary, 14 Sep '58
    Photo 90. 34069 Hawkinge (left) and 34081 photographed at Plymouth Friary on the 14th September 1958, the last day of passenger services.
    Photograph by Roger Joanes.
  • Plymouth Friary, 14 Sep '58
    Photo 41. 34081 photographed at Plymouth Friary on the last day of passenger services, 14 September 1958.
    Photograph: Ian Bowskill collection.
  • At St Budeaux
    Photo 92. Although undated, this photo of 34081 at St Budeaux was taken between October 1957 when 92 arrived at 72A and May 1959 when the tender was cut down on a works visit.
    Photograph © Jon Wood courtesy of Cornwall Railway Society.
  • On Honiton Bank, Sept 1959
    Photo 11. 34081 climbing Honiton Bank at Wilmington with a Salisbury to Exeter service during September 1959.
    Photograph by Derek Cross.
  • Barnstaple Jct, Sept 1959
    Photo 12. 34081 at Barnstaple Junction with an Exeter to Ilfracombe service during September 1959.
    Photograph by Derek Cross.
  • Ilfracombe, Sept 1959
    Photo 13. 34081 at Ilfracombe with an Ilfracombe to Exeter service during September 1959.
    Photograph by Derek Cross.
  • At Ilfracombe
    Photo 60. 34081 awaits departure from Ilfracombe with a train to Exeter. BBLS archives. Date and photographer not known.
    Photograph © Southern Images.
  • Leaving Slade Tunnel
    Photo 61. 34081 emerges from Slade tunnel as it drifts down the 1 in 36 gradient towards Ilfracombe with a train from Exeter. BBLS archives. Date and photographer unknown.
    Photograph © The Transport Treasury.
  • Yeovil Shed, 1959
    Photo 15. 34081 at Yeovil (SR) shed in 1959.
    Photographer not known.
  • Nine Elms, 1959
    Photo 85. 34081 at Nine Elms sometime during 1959.
    Photographer not known.
  • Southampton Docks, 1959
    Photo 66. 34081 departing Southampton Docks in 1959.
    Photographer not known.
  • Cowley Bridge Jct, 6 Apr '60
    Photo 104. 34081 at Cowley Bridge Junction on 6th April 1960 with a Plymouth train.
    Photographer not known.
  • Near Radipole, 1960s
    Photo 14. 34081 in the snow and near Radipole during the 1960s.
    Photograph by C L Caddy.
  • Plymouth, 1960
    Photo 63. 34081 at Plymouth having arrived with a train via Okehampton in 1960.
    Photograph: BBLS Archives. © James Payne.
  • Wadebridge, c.1960
    Photo 97. 34081 arriving at Wadebridge with the ACE circa summer 1960.
    Photograph: © Rail-Online.
  • Salisbury, 1961
    Photo 16. 34081 at Salisbury during 1961.
    Photographer not known.
  • Leaving Exeter, May 1961
    Photo 56. 34081 departing Exeter with a train to Barnstaple in May 1961.
    Photograph by Keith Pirt (Ian Bowskill collection).
  • Arriving Yeoford, 1961
    Photo 58. 34081 arriving Yeoford during 1961.
    Photographer not known.
  • Barnstaple Shed, 24 May '61
    Photo 67. 34081 on shed at Barnstaple, 28th May 1961.
    Photograph by Michael Clemens.
  • Portsmouth Arms, 21 Apr '62
    Photo 68. 34081 at Portsmouth Arms with a train from Exeter to Ilfracombe, 21st April 1962.
    Photograph by Michael Clemens.
  • Ilfracombe, 24 June 1962
    Photo 64. 34081 departing Ilfracombe with a service for Exeter Central on 24 June 1962.
    Photographer not known. BBLS archives.
  • Exeter St Davids, July 1962
    Photo 93. 34081 at Exeter St. Davids during July 1962.
    Photograph © Michael Roach courtesy of Cornwall Railway Society.
  • Plymouth, 1962
    Photo 108. 34081 at Plymouth sometime during 1962.
    Photograph © David Russon.
  • Exeter Central, 11 Aug '62
    Photo 109. 34081 entering Exeter Central past N Class Mogul Nº31848 on 11th August 1962.
    Photograph © John Hunt.
  • Exmouth Jct, 19 Aug 1962
    Photo 86. 92 Squadron at Exmouth Junction on 19th August 1962. 34081 is the flat top on the right
    Photographer not known.
  • Barnstaple Jct, 20 Aug 1962
    Photo 40. 34081 at Barnstaple Junction with the 11:30am Ilfracombe to Exeter Central service on Saturday 20th August 1962
    Photograph by Clive Fairchild.
  • Exeter Central, 1 Sept 1962
    Photo 55. 34081 at Exeter Central on 1st September 1962
    Photograph: Ian Bowskill collection.
  • Worting Jct, 1 Sept 1962?
    Photo 57. 34081 at Worting Junction with an up West of England train. There is a little uncertainty about the date which was given as 1st September 1962. However, that was a Saturday and there was no Duty 258 on that date. Additionally, photo 55 was taken on 1st September 1962 but shows a different leading coach and a much cleaner engine!
    Photograph by Charlie Verral.
  • Torrington, 5 Sept 1962
    Photo 94. Ivatt Nº41299 has arrived at Torrington with a goods from Halwill on 5th September 1962 whilst 92 Squadron waits her next turn.
    Photograph: Mike Morant collection.
  • Nr Halwill, 23 Sept 1962
    Photo 87. 34081 near Halwill Junction on 23rd September 1962.
    Photographer not known.
  • Eastleigh, 6 January 1963
    Photo 18. 34081 photographed in ex-works condition at Eastleigh on 6th January 1963.
    Photograph by Fred Rush.
  • Woking, 24 February 1963
    Photo 22. 34081 arriving at Woking on 24th February 1963 with a train for Bournemouth.
    Photograph by Geoff Silcock.
  • West Byfleet, 24 Feb 1963
    Photo 24. 34081 at West Byfleet with a Waterloo to Bournemouth service on 24th February 1963.
    Photograph by Alan Chandler.
  • Raynes Park, 24 Feb 1963
    Photo 23. 34081 storms through Raynes Park on a dull and freezing cold 24th February 1963 with a train for Bournemouth.
    Photograph by Mike Morant.
  • Basingstoke, 24 Feb 1963
    Photo 19. Time for a chat as 34081 awaits the Right Away from Basingstoke on 24th February 1963 with a train for Bournemouth.
    Photograph by Geoff Silcock.
  • Basingstoke, 24 Feb 1963
    Photo 20. A study in steam as 34081 sits in the platform at Basingstoke on 24th February 1963 with a train for Bournemouth.
    Photograph by Geoff Silcock.
  • Basingstoke, 24 Feb 1963
    Photo 21. 34081 pulling away from Basingstoke on 24th February 1963 with a train for Bournemouth.
    Photograph by Geoff Silcock.
  • Weybridge, 24 Feb 1963
    Photo 25. 34081 at Weybridge with a Waterloo to Bournemouth service on 24th February 1963.
    Photographer not known.
  • Weybridge, 24 Feb 1963
    Photo 26. 34081 at Weybridge with a Waterloo to Bournemouth service on 24th February 1963.
    Photograph by Tony Eaton.
  • Nine Elms, 1963
    Photo 27. 34081 on shed at Nine Elms in 1963.
    Photograph: Ian Bowskill collection.
  • Exeter Central, summer 1963
    Photo 110. 34081 at Exeter Central during summer 1963 with a train for the Ilfracombe line and what looks like a milk tank behind the tender, so it may well have been a Torrington milk train.
    Photograph: Norman Hirst collection.
    a train for Ilfracombe.
  • Exeter Central, 1 Aug 1963
    Photo 28. 34081 photographed whilst running light engine from Exeter Central to Exmouth Junction on 1st August 1963.
    Photograph by Gordon Coltas.
  • Halwill, 5 August 1963
    Photo 28. 34081 photographed at the London end of Halwill Junction, crossing a down service, with a train for Exeter and Waterloo on 5th August 1963.
    Photograph by G W Sharpe.
  • Sidmouth Jct, 8 August 1963
    Photo 29. 34081 arriving at Sidmouth Junction with the 8:55am from Ilfracombe to Salisbury, formed of Bulleid 3 set Nº778 plus a van, on 8th August 1963.
    Photograph by J D Elliott and reproduced by kind permission of The Railway Magazine.
  • Honiton Bank, 23 Sept 1963
    Photo 30. 34081 on Honiton bank with a down goods train on 23rd September 1963.
    Photograph by Ivo Peters.
  • Southampton, c1963?
    Photo 43. 34081 with an eight coach train approaching the tunnel having left Southampton, thought to be circa 1963. This is believed to be the summer SO Plymouth to Portsmouth service.
    Photograph by George Coltas.
  • Seaton Jct, 25 May 1963
    Photo 44. 34081 at Seaton Junction on 25th May 1963 with the 9.35 a.m. Exeter Central to Salisbury train.
    Photograph by J H Aston.
  • Exeter, 1 June 1963
    Photo 103. 92 Squadron arriving at Exeter Central during June 1963 with a Waterloo - Plymouth train.
    Photograph: Ian Bowskill collection.
  • Yeovil Junction, 1963
    Photo 45. 34081 at Yeovil Junction during Summer 1963 with a Salisbury train.
    Photograph: Millbrook House/D. Johnson collection.
  • Yeovil Junction, 1963
    Photo 70. 34081 leaving Yeovil Junction for Yeovil Town with an Exeter Central to Yeovil working in 1963.
    Photograph rights: Barry Hilton.
  • Yeovil Junction, 1963
    Photo 71. 34081 is seen here heading towards Salisbury with a train consisiting of two vans and three passenger carriages in 1963.
    Photograph rights: Barry Hilton.
  • Semley, 1963
    Photo 51. 34081 at Semley during Summer 1963 with an up van train.
    Photograph: BBLS archives/Colour Rail.
  • North of Tavistock, 8 Apr '64
    Photo 72. With the foothills of Dartmoor in the distance, 34081 is seen hard at work north of Tavistock on the 11.10 Plymouth to Brighton service on the 8th April 1964.
    Photograph by Keith Holt.
  • Tisbury, 1960s
    Photo 111. 34081 photographed running light engine at Tisbury sometime during the 1960s.
    Photographer not known.
  • Exeter St Davids, 1960s
    Photo 99. 34081 in Exeter St Davids station with a train for Ilfracombe sometime during the 1960s.
    Photograph: © Rail-Online.
  • Templecombe, 18 April 1964
    Photo 46. 34081 at Templecombe on 18th April 1964 with what we think is an Exeter - Salisbury working.
    Photograph by Norman Preedy.
  • Southampton, 12 May 1964
    Photo 31. 34081 near Southampton Central with the Brighton to Plymouth working on 12 May 1964.
    Photograph by M J Fox and reproduced by kind permission of The Railway Magazine.
  • Plymouth North Road
    Photo 91. 34081 arriving at Plymouth North Road station from Exeter.
    The date is not known but as it looks like the speedo is fitted that would put the date as after February 1961. Judging by the condition the engine was in by June 1964 it is prior to that, so it looks like it's between February 1961 and May 1964.
    92 is hauling coaching set 515 and possibly other coaches out of shot. Nº515 was originally a 3 coach set, but was made up to 6 coaches with a restaurant car included (BSK-SO-RB-SO-CK-BSK) and was used on Brighton - Plymouth workings in the early 1960s, so this might be the working shown.
    Photographer not known.
  • Exeter-Salisbury May 1964
    Photo 112. 34081 arriving at Yeovil Junction with an Exeter - Salisbury stopping service in May 1964.
    Photograph by JWT House.
  • Exmouth Jct, 19 May 1964
    Photo 37. 34081 at Exmouth Junction on 19th May 1964.
    Photograph by KCH Fairey.
  • Yeovil Shed, 23 May 1964
    Photo 32. 34081 at Yeovil SR shed on 23rd May 1964.
    Photograph by KCH Fairey.
  • Sidmouth Junction, 1964
    Photo 76. 92 Squadron leaving Sidmouth Junction with the 11.10am Plymouth to Brighton passenger train May 1964.
    Photograph by G T Robinson.
    (We have tried to contact Mr Robinson regarding the use of this photograph but have not met with any success. If anyone knows how we can contact him please advise us).
  • On Honiton Bank, June 1964
    Photo 38. 34081 on Honiton Bank, near Wilmington, with the 11:30 Brighton-Plymouth during June 1964.
    Photograph: BBLS collection.
  • Exmouth Jcn, 21 June 1964
    Photo 89. 34081 at Exmouth Junction shed on 21st June 1964.
    Photograph: Peter Hands.
  • Okehampton
    Photo 34. 34081 at Okehampton with a train for the Padstow line.
    Photographer not known.
  • At Templecombe?
    Photo 47. 34081 believed to be at Templecombe, date unknown.
    Photograph: Ian Bowskill collection.
  • Laira
    Photo 53. This photograph shows 34081 at Laira, probably prior to working a train over the Southern route from Plymouth to Exeter. The date is not know but is thought to be during a summer between 1959 and 1964.
    Photographer not known.
  • Okehampton
    Photo 59. 34081 drawing into platform 1 at Okehampton with an up service from Plymouth. Date not known but late in the engine's BR career.
    Photograph by T E Baxendale (Kerry Parker collection).
  • Halwill
    Photo 69. 34081 arriving at Halwill with an Up Atlantic Coast Express. There is no date for this rather grainy image though has to be between 1959 and 1964. The shed at Wadebridge had obviously found a headboard for this working - not something enjoyed by many ACEs from Padstow.
    Photographer not known.
  • Wadebridge
    Photo 73. 34081 standing at the Wadebridge coal stage. Date not known but sometime between 1959 and 1964.
    Photograph by Ian Bowskill.
  • Laira, 1964
    Photo 77. 34081 at Plymouth having arrived with a train via Okehampton in 1964.
    Photograph by Sid Sponheimer.
  • Barnstaple, 17 May 1964
    Photo 78. 34081 photographed at the back of Barnstaple shed on 17 May 1964.
    Photographer by Sid Sponheimer.
  • Devonport, 1964
    Photo 79. 34081 photographed at Devonport Kings Road. Date is not certain but believed to be in the first half of 1964.
    Photographer by Sid Sponheimer.
  • Exmouth Jct, 28 June 1964
    Photo 88. A rather battered-looking 34081 at Exmouth Junction 28th June 1964.
    Photograph: Kingsley Harris collection.
  • Barnstaple, c1964
    Photo 98. On shed at Barnstaple circa 1964.
    Photograph: © Rail-Online.
  • St Budeaux, 29 April 1964
    Photo 100. 34081 leaving St Budeaux Victoria Road on 29th April 1964.
    Photograph: © Rail-Online.
  • Nine Elms, 1964
    Photo 17. at Nine Elms during 1964.
    Photograph by Andrew Ingram.
  • Queenstown Rd, 8 July 1964
    Photo 102. 34081 passing through Battersea Queenstown Road with a Plymouth working on 8th July 1964. Just six weeks later she was withdrawn.
    Photographer not known.
  • Eastleigh, 16 August 1964
    Photo 35. 34081 at Eastleigh shed with 34094 Morthoe on 16 August 1964. This is believed to have been 34081's last day in steam with BR.
    Photograph by M J Farrell.

Following Withdrawal.

  • Eastleigh, 1964
    Photo 75. Another photo of a sad looking 34081 withdrawn at Eastleigh in 1964.
    Photograph by Michael Peacock.
    We haven't managed to contact Mr Peacock about the use of this photograph so if anyone can advise us of how to contact him we shall be grateful.
  • Eastleigh, 1964
    Photo 49. 34081 standing in a line of withdrawn Bulleid pacific locomotives in 1964.
    Photographer not known.
  • Eastleigh, 1964
    Photo 107. Eastleigh, October 1964. The loco in front of 34081 here is another Bulleid survivor, 34105 Swanage.
    Photograph by Peter Quilley.
  • Eastleigh, 7 Nov 1964
    Photo 39. 34081 bereft of name, shield and smokebox numberplate and looking rather sorry for herself at Eastleigh on 7th November 1964.
    Photograph by M J Farrell.
  • Eastleigh, 23 Nov 1964
    Photo 81. Later that same month 34081 standing in the Eastleigh withdrawn line on 23rd November 1964.
    Photograph by Norman Abbott.
  • Eastleigh, 28 Nov 1964
    Photo 82. Also taken that same month, 34081 standing in the Eastleigh withdrawn line on 28th November 1964.
    Photograph by Steve Richards.

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